A New Beginning .....

This is my first post on my first (and only) website.

The website is “a work in progress” so please be patient as we fine tune it.

This month has been such a great experience for our first month of SpearPoint. God has blessed Sigi and I by using us to serve the Lord through medical care. We went with a team from Fellowship Church to Southeast Asia, a team of brothers and sisters who provided care for nearly 100 people. Sigi was the dispensary organizer and overseer while Matt and I ministered to patients. We blessed people and were blessed in return. The prayer time was the sweetest time of all.

Thank you Fellowship Church.

Thank you to you who pray for us and bless us in this next move with SpearPoint. Thank you for those of you who responded by giving gifts and monetary support to bring SpearPoint and the medical expenses associated with it into a healthy place.

Sigi and I are incredibly excited!

The next trip will be to Tijuana, Mexico February 9-16th. This is a familiar trip for me and its a place that I feel like home at Agape Church. This church has become partners with Fellowship Church and houses about 50 Hondurans, Guatemalan and El Salvadorian refugees. Please pray for us as we support those who are supporting others from border countries.

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