Stay Connected!

The SpearPoint website is a point of connection, a reminder that we are intimately connected together. We want to connect person to person, people group to people group and organization to organization in the name of Christ.

God connected us with Himself through Jesus.  His love for us is proven by his life and death on the cross. Reckon this……through His death on the cross, we also died!

Yes, the OLD MAN has died. We have now become alive in Christ, as a NEW MAN! The old is gone and the new has come! (The “old” wasn't made better, it was killed.)

Because He rose again and lives today we also all live with Him.  Through His power, we are free to connect our lives with each other by way of His Spirit.  We are the living body of Christ and each member of the body has it's role, it's function.  We work together as members of the same body, sharing in the sufferings of Christ so that we may share in His glory; to glorify the God of creation and the Lord of our lives. 

A major way to connect is through meditation and prayer. What do we pray? Start with God’s Word. I have prayed Ephesians 1:17-19 for my family and me and suggest that is a good starting point for you too. It takes time and discipline but we can’t make it together without doing this for and with one another.

Bruce AllsopComment