It's TIME to EAT

Reading God's Word and listening to His Spirit within is like going to an endless banquet of healthy foods, foods rich in nourishment and most satisfying. It is the living Food of health and peace. It takes time. One must plan to go to the banquet, sit and digest the nutrients and enjoy the company around.


Good teaching from men who are deep thinkers, who are weathered people of God, teaching that is either written or spoken, is like having  a good meal with healthy meats and vegetables.  I think of the Puritans writers like Oswald Chambers, Major W. Ian Thomas, John Bunyan, and Richard Baxter. In addition, I include men like Jonathan Edwards, Andrew Murray, C.S Lewis, Watchman Nee, A.W. Tozer, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Jay Adams. A list of other Puritans and contemporary writers could be exhaustive.

Teaching that comes from a cultural perspective and is easy to read, quippy yet morally thoughtful is at best cheese and crackers or hummus and pita. But more than likely, it is a bag of chips and a coke.

The truth from the common sermon, television (movies and sitcoms) and radio; and all the other common cultural and political teaching of the day (CNN and Fox News) is at best watery soup. Most of the time we are being poisoned and don't know it. Or exposed to bacteria or amoebae, we become infected and spread it to others unknowingly.

This begs the question, “what have I spent my time looking at and listening too? What am I eating?”.