Please Pray

Over the past 5 months God has given Sigi and I several opportunities to see God at work with people who live in very difficult circumstances. He is calling people to Himself in ways that seem harsh and painful. But God is using these circumstances to redeem the oppressed and the scorned; those who seek asylum.

I am reminded of Peter’s first letter in the New Testament where he writes “to those who are aliens, scattered throughout….”. In our history of the world, God has moved people from their homeland to a new place as refugees or slaves or immigrants. Sometimes they are welcomed and sometimes they are rejected. Sometimes they move willingly and sometimes they are moved with opposing force.

God is always at work in these orchestrated events in our world history. The fields are white for harvest and He is calling us to go and work the fields and harvest the fruit of eternal life (John 4:36). God is bringing home His people to an eternal home. God is bringing us “white fields”!

The Central American refugees are “a people” who are scattered. They have traveled in caravans through multiple countries, and the length of Mexico. For some, their destination is Tijuana, Mexico. Their hope is to enter into the United States and live a safer and more productive life. This past April, a group of us from Fellowship Church traveled to Tijuana where we had a chance to treat medically, pray with and bless those immigrants seeking asylum.

Tomorrow at 9:00 am, Benito Lopez and I will be interviewed by Channel 10 to discuss some experiences we had with the refugees. Our request for prayer is that we will present the Truth of the Gospel with clarity. We want to represent the beauty of our Lord so that He receives all the glory. Lastly, we want to report the plight of the people who have left their homes with accuracy and compassion.

Thank you for the prayers, Bruce