Thoughts on the Law

What really is the Law of God?

I ask that question whenever I read Psalm 119. David loves God’s law and eats it like honey, sweet and desirable. God’s law preserves David’s life. David is both longing for it and desperate for it.

Today as believers in Jesus, we are told that the goodness and vital need of the Law is written on our hearts (Romans 2:15).

The Law must be something good and necessary. The Law is still at work. But how does it work? There must be a way to understand the Law practically for us! Here are some thoughts. I will use my observations from the medical world as a platform in the next couple of blogs.

God’s intent for mankind is for us to walk with Him, side by side in a dynamic, ongoing interaction. This is a walk of faith (not sight). As we go, He determines how we live from moment to moment. He lets us plan but it is He who directs our steps. Be careful with longterm planning because that would be a jump or a leap. It is He that determines our interaction with HIs creation; what we eat, what we drink and what we breath. He is the One that gives us relief from the inevitable pain of this life. It is through and from Him, both the pain and the relief. Sometimes, He brings relief through medicine. Although much of this medicine is not readily available to the majority of the rest of the world.

As we walk together His Law guides us. All kinds of “laws” aid us; laws of the physical earth, the human body, and the moral and societal law. Even atheists can’t escape these laws, for they rely on them too. Atheists are undeniably human and God made us all in His image. God’s Law is a "decree of order" for us and encompasses all that is “good” for us. His decrees are good for He is good. His decrees bring order and that order is like a straight path on which we walk with Him.

Sigi and I are taking our next walk of faith with the Lord. We are traveling to Southeast Asia. We leave today. Please pray for the trip and our team to simply be present in the lives of those in need and present Jesus and Him Crucified. As we are crucified with Him, we walk with Him by faith, loving His Law of the Spirit and sharing it with others.

Bruce AllsopComment