Summary -- 7 months of SpearPoint

It's been over seven months since Sigi and I embarked on a venture we call SpearPoint. It was a huge step of faith to leave a medical practice of over 28 years. Leaving my patients and staff has been hard. After all, the practice was God's calling in my life. My staff, patients and I had invested a lot of years together. Over those years Sigi and I had grown comfortable with a typical American lifestyle. But like Abram, who left the calculated securities of his life to go to a land he did not know, we left too and I found myself fully dependent on the Lord, moving forward by faith. Sigi and I had no real backup plan financially. I was not even sure that I was going to be sought out as a doctor without an office to practice. All we knew was that we were called to serve those who are "the forgotten", those people who are socially rejected by their surrounding populace. I knew only a few people that wanted me in my new capacity as a free agent doctor. But that was enough.

Now after seven months, I've been called to seven trips, and four regions of the world. Sigi has joined me in three of those trips. I feel more like Paul as he traveled from city to city. I have preached and taught, and I have prayed for many brothers and sisters. The Holy Spirit has touched many people though my hands, people as old as 100 years of age and as young as 2 weeks of age. I have seen the power of Jesus as He calls people of all religions to leave their religion behind and follow Him. I often think what it may have been like for Luke, a physician with very few tools, laying his hands on people and praying for medical healing. I have been able to do that very thing as well, and God has healed many. We also bring conventional medical treatment. God has used the medicine that He has provided us to be used in small clinics and house calls. All of this is a testimony of His intimate love for us, His people.

I want to thank those of you brothers and sisters who have donated time in prayer and monetary support to the SpearPoint project. You have directly participated in God's movement across the globe; places in Southeast Asia, Lebanon in the Middle East and Latin American cities like Tijuana and Guatemala City.


Friends in Guatemala

Praising God in Asia

Praising God in Asia

I want to personally be in contact with you if you desire more details and prayer. Please help me connect with you by emailing me. My address is Facebook is another way of connecting with me if that is easier for you.

Serving together in God's kingdom, Bruce

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