Our mission is to provide medical care and sound Biblical counseling to people in need, all over the world. Compassionate medical care provided to people in need is a point of entry into the heart of people's lives. Caring for people in this way opens a channel to share the deep truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ; of Him crucified and raised from the dead. That we all would submit to His perfection, deny ourselves, participate in His death and be raised with Him into a brand new life.

The existence of SpearPoint is to declare that God is the One that ultimately heals all of us through Jesus. We are known by Him and live as a unified body filled with His power and glory to serve one another though the power of the Holy Spirit.


About Us

Bruce Allsop M.D. and his wife, Sigi Allsop, have embarked on God’s call to go out and make disciples of Jesus, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all that He has taught and commanded us.

As a medical doctor, I have the unique opportunity to touch lives in the physical realm and gain entry into the spiritual lives of people. The entry point is the medical need, someone who is infected, injured or diseased creates an entry point into the soul, influencing the thoughts and emotions of the person who is ill. Illness and its pain teases out our inner thoughts and philosophies of life. It exposes us to the reality of mortality and our will to live. Illness and physical loss drives us to formulate a belief system and then forces us to act on what we believe.

Our hope is that people all over the world will call upon the name of the Lord at that point of despair and fear and believe in the Lord Jesus by faith.