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Vine International

Vine International has been a instrumental influence on the ministry of SpearPoint. God is using Vine International to demonstrate how we can serve the poor by supporting existing ministries in the name of the Lord Jesus. While Vine’s main focus is Guatemala and Central America, SpearPoint hopes to model this same type of service locally in Knoxville and to other organizations throughout the world. Vine International has also partnered with us at SpearPoint to receive donations to offset expenses incurred during travel since SpearPoint is not a formal nonprofit organization.


Fellowship Church

Fellowship Church has been our home church for many years providing a solid teaching and a core of friends lasting into 3 decades. Fellowship Church has embraced SpearPoint. It has provided the means to travel to parts of the world already prepared by the Holy Spirit through the work of intentional relationships. Fellowship mirrors SpearPoints model of visiting homes and churches by invitation to meet medical and relational needs. We also partner in the call to go out and preach Christ, teaching and admonishing in all wisdom to present the good news of freedom and grace to all who will hear and receive it.