What We Do

As a medical doctor, I have the unique ability to touch lives in the physical world and gain entry into the spiritual lives of people. The entry point of access spiritually is through the thoughts and emotions of a person who is ill. Illness and its pain teases out our inner thoughts and philosophies of our life's existence and exposes our strong will to remain alive. We are forced to recognize our mortality. Illness exposes, shapes and develops a platform of a belief system. It drives us to act on what we believe in an attempt to restore the equilibrium that the illness disrupted.

It is a man or woman in need that will call upon the name of the Lord as we read in Genesis 4. Jesus used healing to demonstrate the power of God within Him as proof that the Father had sent Him. Our prayer is that SpearPoint, as a resource, will bring healing to people so that they may know God's powerful love and trust that Jesus is God. May we all be people that call on the name of the Lord.Learn More